You must be a Qualified Supervisor working for a business Certified by a Certsure Scheme to apply for this card.

I am a Qualified Supervisor with an Approved Contractor business and I have represented the same business in 3 consecutive assessments under the NICEIC Approved Contractor scheme and had a successful outcome on each.

For Qualified supervisors who are not eligible to apply through Option 1, then qualification routes are available.
Full details on the qualification routes accepted can be found here

I am a qualified supervisor with a business Certified by a Certsure scheme and meet the qualification requirements for the ECS Installation Electrician Gold card.

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The ECS QS Gold card will prove your identity when wishing to enter building sites. As such you are required to supply a passport style photo which is no more than 2 years old and is a true likeness of yourself.

You can either take a photo using your web camera by clicking on the "Take Photo" button below or you can upload a photo by clicking on "Select Photo".

When taking your photo please;

  • Ensure you have a plain white background with no other objects or people visible
  • You look directly at the camera
  • Provide a close up of your full head and upper shoulders
  • Your eyes are open and you have a neutral expression with your mouth closed
  • You do not have hair or anything covering your face

Once you are satisfied with your photo, you are required to upload proof of your photo such as a scan of your passport or driving licence photo.

Once you have uploaded proof please ensure that the evidence provided is a true likeness of you and click 'Submit'

Select Photo

I hearby confirm that this is a true and recent photo which conforms to the requirements of the ECS Scheme. I also understand that problems with this photo may delay processing.

I am also providing a scanned copy of my

as proof of my identity

Select Proof of ID
By applying and making payment for the Certsure ECS Gold card the QS is confirming that
  • You are a listed Qualified Supervisor with a Certsure registered Electrical company and the application option selected is applicable.
    (Please note you may be requested to supply evidence of your qualifications at your next assessment)
  • I understand that the application fee is non-refundable and that should I not successfully complete the application for an ECS gold card within 90 days a fresh application and application fee will be required
  • I understand that a requirement for the card is to have successfully passed the ECS Health & Safety test within the last 2 years
  • I understand I am required to supply a passport style photo as part of my application and a copy of supporting photographic identification
  • I understand that the card is valid for 3 years
  • I understand that should I cease to be the Qualified Supervisor for my current employer my card will be withdrawn
  • I understand that if there is a change in registration details that a renewal application may be required and the appropriate charges payable
  • I have read, understand and agree to meet the terms outlined within the related Certsure ECS Gold card Terms and Conditions
  • The information provided on the application is, to the best of my knowledge, true and accurate
  The QS agrees with the above.  *

Once you submit your application you will no longer be able to amend your details online. If you do need to change anything please call us on 0333 015 6625